The basic rules of behavior in the Zoo "Riviera"


Our exhibition created with the maximum comfort for animals and Visitors. Please respect your health and health of animals.

To avoid accidents, the Visitors must observe the following rules:
2. Trust to the child under 12 years to hand the animals is only possible under the supervision of parents.
3.    Parents and accompanying persons are forbidden to leave children unattended in the Zoo. Parents must keep small children by the hand, in the pram or on the hands. In case of any emergency situations visitors must apply to the administration of the Zoo.
4.    Visitors are forbidden to bring with stabbing, cutting and other flammable items, dangerous to life and health.
5.    The Administration does not recommend to visit the Zoo if your child has an allergy to animals. For individual symptoms of an allergic reaction to animals Administration does not responsible.
6.    Exit from the Zoo excludes the possibility to re-entry into its territory.
7.    It is forbidden to bring an animal to face, it can be hazardous to health. It is forbidden to frighten the animals with shouts and harsh sounds, to throw and hit animals, to hurt them, to touch the eyes and ears of animals, to pull the wool.
8.    Visitors are required to observe cleanliness and order in the Zoo.
In order to maintain animal health and to prevent accidents is


• To climb through the fence and put children on it.

• To go on the territory of the Zoo with balloons

• To enter the office area

• To tilt and lean on fences, cages or fences.

• To feed the animals with food brought by Visitors to the Zoo.

• To Tease and frighten the animals.

• To take a picture of animals with flash.

• To throw in the cages and pens any foreign objects.

• To leave children unattended.

• Visit the zoo with own animals.

• To drink alcohol and to smoke.

• To bring to the zoo drinks and food (ice cream, sweets, chewing gum, candy, popcorn, lollipops, etc.)

• To go for the fences, to break design of the Hall, to put fingers to the animals.

Responsibility for violation of the Rules.

• In case of loss or damage of the Zoo property caused by the Visitor, he is obliged to compensate the damage caused and to take responsibility for other admitted violations in accordance with current legislation of the Russian Federation.

• Irregularity of visit the Zoo or an attempt to prevent the rest of other Visitors , is the basis for removing visitors from the zoo without any monetary compensation .
•    The Visitor agrees to comply with the rules and bears full responsibility for their violation in accordance with these Rules and the applicable laws of the Russian Federation

•    The Administration does not responsible for injuries, damages and losses which were obtained by the Visitors due to failure or improper fulfillment of these Rules.

•    For violation Rules of visiting Zoo by the Visitor and forced his removal from the zoo, the money for the ticket is NOT REFUNDABLE.

Each animal has its own scientifically developed diet which fulfills all his needs. Feeding Zoo pets with brought products, you take responsibility for their ILLNESS and PREMATURE DEATH of ANIMALS!!! The main rule of the contact Zoo: “Stay close to your child, show him by example how to interact with the animals that from this communication does not suffer any one part”. Even the most gentle and fluffy animal has claws and teeth.