“Ermitage” concert hall

Зал торжеств "Эрмитаж" Зал торжеств "Эрмитаж" Зал торжеств "Эрмитаж" Зал торжеств "Эрмитаж" Зал торжеств "Эрмитаж" Зал торжеств "Эрмитаж"

“Ermitage” concert hall is a new big professional platform adapted to carry out the activities of the various size and complexity: conferences, forums, seminars and concerts.

Impressive hall capacity and the broadest variation of planning solutions allow to place on platform a few hundred guests with maximum comfort as premium concert events, and several thousand participants global activities of the club format.
There are large areas, spacious and comfortable dance floor, VIP- zone in the form of an amphitheater with a beautiful panoramic view over two floors, modern technical equipment (movinghad, fireball, 4X7 m LED screen, LCD displays on the perimeter of the dance floor), courteous and helpful staff.

There is viewable of scene from absolutely anywhere in the room.

VIP area, providing ultra-comfortable guest accommodation located on the second floor of the balcony. Its service logistics not only gives in the area parterre seats but exceeds it in some.

The impressive overall length of the contact bars allows the high-quality service for visitors to of the dance area.

The triumph in the “Ermitage” is always impeccable service, attentive staff , bright show, a delicious menu and a maximum of services provided in combination with a reasonable price and a personal touch.

Address: Kazan, pr.F.Amirhana 1B, EC “Riviera” , 1st floor
For information call: 526-56-56