Cakes to order 48 hours
Confectionery “Panorama” is a virtuoso performance of your sweet desires.
Professionals of confectionery “Panorama” to prepare for you the exclusive goodies with great pleasure:

Themed cakes
Amazing beauty and taste the cakes created by original recipes by golden hands of our confectioners of the highest quality’s ingredients. Each of these culinary delights is unique such as prepared with the inspiration that distinguishes true art from conventional craft. Designed to your individual taste the cakes from the confectionery “Panorama” are the perfect decoration of your celebration and the perfect gift for the favorite. Confectionery “Panorama” is equipped with modern professional equipment which allows you to experiment and to achieve the most accurate realization of ideas of our customers: from the tiered cake with fantastic molded flowers to a company logo or favorite portrait!

Wedding cakes
Elegant sweet masterpiece is a wedding cake, multilevel, decorated with flowers or symbolic figures will be the culmination of your celebration, embodying the desire of sweet marriage the bride and groom and the delight and admiration of the guests. Confectionery “Panorama” offers a unique collection of exquisite works of experienced confectioners combined with the experience, skill and your imagination on your choice.

Baby cakes
At a children's party or birthday the cake is the most important detail, perhaps. Small birthday men are waiting for its appearance with bated breath. Entrust important mission the preparation of children's cake to our confectioners, and you will see that miracles happen. Sweet machine, fashioned out of marzipan just like the one that is at home among the favorite toys, will appear on the tray as the festive treats. Unleash your imagination and our bakers-wizards will build on the cake luxurious palaces from sugar mastic, jailed fabulous flowers, settled there birds, animals, or cartoon characters. Feel like a magician performing cherished desires of their favorite sweet- tooth.


Cakes and desserts

Our masters are real wizards of confectionary art. Clothe the good old recipes into new imaginative form, they create amazing desserts with a delicate mousse with fresh berries, delicious butter cream and bitter French chocolate, decorating their sweet lace or loose flowers. Confectionery “Panorama” can offer you a wide selection of delicious desserts - popular and beloved Tiramisu and Cheesecake, Sacher and Sabayon, Croissants and Eclairs.

Products made of handmade chocolateы

Hand-made is the best tool for the expression of chocolatiers’ imagination, allowing you to create the masterpieces. To buy handmade chocolates made especially for you means to organize yourself and your family an unforgettable holiday special taste. Especially for you by masters of the confectionery “Panorama” is created assorted and gift baskets, figurines and candy piece that filling melts barely touching the lips, and tart taste and rich aroma of natural chocolate makes you forget about everything.

Cakes and pastries national

Gubadiya, Elesh, Zur belesh, Chak-chak prepared according to original recipes, in compliance with the age-old traditions are incredibly popular not only among the guests of our city but also among the true connoisseurs of the national Tatar cuisine.

Author’s desserts of company

Sweet products with the logo of the company are an original business card, effective advertising and exclusive gift to customers and partners. We will arrange the delivery of ordered products to your office, home or the place of the celebration. Desserts are available in complete form, in portions, padded protective film.

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