Birthday - is the most important holiday of the year for any child and the most exciting and significant event for the parents.

On this day the dream of kid should certainly come true and world around should be painted in the brightest colors.


Only children are so really genuinely happy to gifts and waiting for a holiday let it is small but very real miracle.

How to turn a child's birthday in a fairy tale, and to organize a holiday that it is remembered with bright and unusual memories at least until next year?



Magic experts offer many options for the organization of the holidays, starting with the development of individual children's menu, considering age of the birthday man and invited guests, and continuing with variants of themed playground, selection of gifts for invited children and drawing fabulous show-program.


And, what does a holiday without the fabulous and incredibly delicious cake ?

Along with the creative animators we have to defeat the pirates of the Caribbean, and to find the Lost treasure on the ocean floor, and make a trip to the far faraway kingdom or meet Alice in Wonderland! These and many other versions of the program will be proposed for the organization of your holiday.


Does your child love tinkering and do everything with your hands?

Then a master class from the chef or pastry is what you need!

Together we will learn how to bake chocolate chip cookies and fragrant mastic sculpt of your favorite cartoon characters, and each visiting child will be able to pick up the memories of this extraordinary feast with him.



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