“Riviera” 5D-cinema

Ticket Price: 150 rubles.

The length of movies: 3-7minuts.

There are 3 cinema halls!

Open hours: from 11:00 to 23:00, the information by phone (843) 226-89-59
5D it is a new technology in the entertainment industry which became possible with the appearance digital movie.   5D-cinema is a combination of cinema and attraction which show films in 5D format using special effects.

Spectators are placed in special seats on a dynamic platform and had an opportunity not only to see three-dimensional image quality, but also to feel everything like a hero of the film such as the fall of a cliff, collision, shaking, sensation of flying or speed. 5D has the effect of full presence in the film and the merger with the plot. This new attraction is designed for visitors of all ages and it is safe, unusual and raises interest of viewers. Movements of seats are fully aligned with the plot of the film and adequately react to what is happening on the screen, causing a lot of fresh and vivid impressions!

A few degrees of freedom of motion platform provide a full range of motion simulation and make the virtual world real! Seats move in all planes and provide visitor a comfort and entertainment.

In addition to entertainment purposes 5D has the informative and educational programs which used for presentations in museums, exhibitions and educational institutions. The range of applications in 5D technology is very wide.
In 5 D movie the spectator is protagonist, which dictates a special format films for 5D cinema. Typically, this animated picture with length of 4 to 10 minutes with the dynamic plot. This scientific- educational, cognitive, entertainment and children films are designed for a broad audience.

Films presented in various genres: fiction, animated films for children, mystery, adventure. With the 5D movie the spectators will be able to immerse themselves in the story and feel the protagonist: to visit other planets, to visit a haunted castle or take a space flight! This is really impressed!

We are always glad to see you!