“Babushkina Skovorodka” café

Кафе "Бабушкина сковородка" Кафе "Бабушкина сковородка" Кафе "Бабушкина сковородка"

“Babushkina Skovorodka” is a cafe where you can spend time together with whole family and children.  Warm, designed in the rustic motif interior, traditional home cooking and reasonable prices - these are the main reasons for the high popularity of the “Babushkina Skovorodka” cafe. “Babushkina Skovorodka” is the area free from smoking.

Address: Kazan, F.Amirhana str., 1B, EC “Riviera”, 1st floor
Hours: Mon-Sun from 11:00 to 24:00
Reservation Phone: +7 ( 843) 267-33-33
Order banquets +7 (843) 526-56-56 ; sale@krk-riviera.ru

We are always glad to see you!