«One-night»pricelist for hotel accommodation

"Overnight" accommodation rate 

"Overnight" rate is a unique offer fr om "Riviera" hotel - check-in is available at 11 p.m., and Your check-out time is most comfortable - 11 a.m.

Double rooms at "Riviera" hotel at this rate cost from 1 900 Roubles! You will be offered a cup of refreshing coffee or flavored tea with sweet pastry at the hotel's lobby-bar - as a gift from the hotel.

*number of rooms available is lim ited, all details at t.: (843) 511-21-21

Check-in time is 11 p.m., check-out is at 11 a.m.

Check-in at this rate is available only without a booking

Prices are shown in rubles and include VAT

- a pass to aquapark, SPA-complex, 5D-cinema, beach, buffet breakfast, "Lights of Las Vegas" show