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Conference halls

“Riviera” hotel has everything You need to organize conferences and workshops on the highest level! 4 conference rooms, 2 meeting rooms, spacious foyer, ideally suited for participants’ registration and coffee-breaks, state-of-the-art equipment and supervising of the whole event by qualified personnel – are at Your disposal! We are happy to help You hold events of all kinds – from large conferences to workshops and team-building trainings!

  Meetings in "Riviera" hotel Meetings in "Riviera" hotel

On the second floor of "Riviera" hotel you will find:

  • 4 multi-functional rooms with capacity to fit 25, 110, 200 and 350 pax
  • 2 meeting rooms with capacity to fit 40 pax
  • spacious and cozy foyer, ideally suited for participants' registration, coffee-breaks, cocktail receptions and exhibitions
  • "Megapolis" bar
  • Billiards

"Admiral's" conference room

"Admiral's" conference room "Admiral's" conference room

"Azure Coast" conference room

  "Azure Coast" conference room "Azure Coast" conference room

"Lagoon" conference room

  "Lagoon" conference room "Lagoon" conference room

"Breese" conference room

  "Breese" conference room "Breese" conference room
  "Breese" conference room "Breese" conference room

"Kazan's Pearl" and "Serene Port" meeting rooms

"Kazan's Pearl" and "Serene Port" meeting rooms "Kazan's Pearl" and "Serene Port" meeting rooms

All conference rooms are equipped with all the necessary equipment for conducting events of various formats: from business meetings, conferences, presentations and summits up to official receptions and banquets. That includes:

  • Flip-chart with paper and markers
  • Sound transmission system
  • Sound and video recording system
  • Technological television
  • State-of-the-art multimedia projectors
  • Video-presentation system
  • Radio-microphones
  • Lapel microphone
  • Wi-Fi internet
  • Capacity to install a podium for catwalks and fashion shows

Arranging banquets, fourchettes and coffee-breaks.

Spacious foyer joining the Conference rooms is an ideal place for registering event participants, organizing demonstration zones and making coffee-breaks, catwalks and fourchettes.

Hall capacity depending on seating (person)



“Board room”

Multi-functional hall
281 350 90 45 55 200
Multi-functional hall
“Azure shore”
228 170 70 50 60 120
Multi- functional hall
155 110 50 30 40 80
Hall for talks
25 25 25 25 25
Business talk
room “Kazan pearl”
33 40 20 20 20 25
Business talk
room “Still harbor”
33 40 20 20 20 25


  • The cost of Conference room rent includes provision of all furniture required for the event, screen and a rostrum. Rent price includes catering for presidium: mineral water, tea, coffee.
  • Equipment required for conducting an event, coffee-breaks and other restaurant catering is paid additionally.

Equipment of “Riviera” hotel conference rooms

Multifunctional conference rooms of the hotel have state-of-the-art equipment subject to capacity and peculiarity of each room. Technical support is provided by highly qualified specialists of the business-center throughout the whole event.

To book an event at "Riviera" hotel please call:
Tel.: +7 (843) 526-57-47
Fax: +7 (843) 526-57-48

E-mail: sale@hotelriviera.ru

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