Banquet halls

x 150


Seasoned European style, high level of service and excellent cuisine allow the restaurant to become a universal venue for any occasion.
x 180


The interior of the restaurant corresponds to the name: there is a lot of light in the design, soft comfortable chairs and warm blankets. The main accent is the panoramic windows, which offer a magnificent view of the city.
x 200

HALL "Admiral"

Classic design, panoramic windows, chandeliers inlaid with Swarovski crystals and rich fireplace areas - all the interior details of the Admiralsky Hall will emphasize the high status of any celebration.
x 130

HALL "Cote d'Azur"

Luxurious view room "Cote d'Azur" with painted walls and luxurious chandeliers made of Swarovski crystals is ideal for special occasions.
x 100

HALL "Monte Carlo"

Spacious room with a unique atmosphere of calm and comfort. Elegant, discreet design, made in bright colors, soft light of crystal chandeliers - all this will be a wonderful decoration for any celebration.
x 80

HALL "Laguna"

A cozy banquet hall is ideal for a festive buffet table or a small celebration in a narrow circle. The classic interior with mirrors, designed in chocolate-beige tones, will be a beautiful frame for any festive evening.
x 60

HALL "Amazon"

A small cozy hall of the Amazonka cafe, located in the building of the Riviera water park, has a number of important advantages: a separate entrance, a view of the river and the Kazan Kremlin, excellent cuisine and an original interior made in a tropical style.

Banquet room capacity

Banquet halls of the hotel "Riviera 4*"
Name of the banquet hall Dimensions (m) Square (sq.m) Height (m) Type of seating / capacity (persons)


RESTAURANT "Amore" 11.54*22.3 235 2.7 150 180
RESTAURANT "Veranda" 9,15*35.59 315 3.87 180 300
HALL "Admiral" 22.8*12.3 281 2.8-3 200 350
HALL "Cote d'Azur" 15.9*14.3 228 2.75-2,9 130 150
HALL "Monte Carlo" 21.4*12,9 230 2.6 100 130
HALL "Laguna" 17*9,1 155 2.75-2.85 80 130
HALL "Amazon" - 204 - 60 80
Conference halls of the hotel "Riviera 4*"
Name of the conference room
Dimensions (m) 11.54*22.3
Square (sq.m) 235
Height (m) 2.7
Type of seating / capacity (persons)
Banquet 150
Buffet 180
Dimensions (m) 9,15*35.59
Square (sq.m) 315
Height (m) 3.87
Type of seating / capacity (persons)
Banquet 180
Buffet 300
Dimensions (m) 22.8*12.3
Square (sq.m) 281
Height (m) 2.8-3
Type of seating / capacity (persons)
Banquet 200
Buffet 350
Dimensions (m) 15.9*14.3
Square (sq.m) 228
Height (m) 2.75-2,9
Type of seating / capacity (persons)
Banquet 130
Buffet 150
Dimensions (m) 21.4*12,9
Square (sq.m) 230
Height (m) 2.6
Type of seating / capacity (persons)
Banquet 100
Buffet 130
Dimensions (m) 17*9,1
Square (sq.m) 155
Height (m) 2.75-2.85
Type of seating / capacity (persons)
Banquet 80
Buffet 130
Dimensions (m) -
Square (sq.m) 204
Height (m) -
Type of seating / capacity (persons)
Banquet 60
Buffet 80