On-site marriage registration

The tradition of compulsory attendance the registry office in the wedding day is gradually giving way to on-site registration. This is ideal for original, romantic and beautiful wedding. Newlyweds here can choose any convenient day and time not limited schedule for the department to registry office, during the on-site marriage registration can be implemented original ceremonial ideas: to decorate the hall, to invite musicians and artists.

“Kazanskaya Riviera” offers newlyweds the excellent platform for the on-site registration.

The highlight of the “Riviera” hotel as the tallest building in the city is an observation deck located on the 25th floor. Here you will be able to tell the coveted “yes” on the hundred-meter height and officially register your marriage. Beautiful music, outgoing registrarr, luxurious look to your favorite city is a great attributes of exclusive wedding!

In any weather and season the close part of the observation deck of the “Riviera” hotel will give you an unforgettable celebration at the height of the bird's flight! Every detail of the interior is filled with happiness and love here!


Pier of “Karavella” restaurant is perfect for the registration of your marriage! The water surface with patches of sunlight, fresh breeze and red carpet mark the beginning of your journey on the waves of a happy family life!

Beautiful marriage registration can be made at any of the restaurants and banquet halls of “Kazanskaya Riviera”.

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