The rules of behavior in “Riviera” beach

On outdoor area of the Aqua park children up to 17 years inclusive must be only under the constant supervision of adults aged 18 years and older, who are responsible for them.

It must be remembered: the open water - it is always a risk! The ability to swim - this is not a guarantee of safety on the water!


Section 1. General provisions

1.1. Territory of summer zone includes:

  • water-entertainment area, consisting of: children's water slides, swimming pools "European", cascade of pools, including a children's pool (hereinafter, water slides, water bodies);

  • thermo-relaxation area (sauna);

  • catering zone;

  • area of locker rooms located in the Hotel "Riviera";

  • medical office (clinic);

  • sanitary-hygienic zone (cabin for changing clothes, individual drawers for clothes, showers and toilets);

1.2. These Rules are mandatory for all Visitors without exception, in the territory of the Summer Zone. Prior to the conclusion of a service agreement (that is, pay a visit of Summer zone), Visitors are required to carefully read these Terms. Receiving a cash register receipt and / or bracelet is proof that the Visitor is acquainted with these Rules, agrees and undertakes to fully comply with them with them, carrying the risk of adverse consequences in the event of their violation. Visit the Summer Zone with organized group of persons, responsible for compliance with these Rules carries on all members of the group, including the team leader.

1.3. Rules of Summer zone compiled in accordance with regulatory requirements of legal acts of the Russian Federation.

1.4. Responsibility for the consequences arising in the territory of the Summer zones due to ignorance and/or non-compliance with these regulations and/or regulations (Rules) on the use of water objects on the territory of the Summer zones bears by the Visitor.

1.5. Information about the company name, location, Contractor work hours, number of heads phones are available at the information desk (“Consumer zone”) located at the entrance to the Summer area convenient for viewing by Visitors. At the information desk also has a list of services, the price list of services provided, this Regulation, Guestbook and other necessary information in accordance with the legislation of Russian Federation.

1.6. These Rules establish the procedure for service (delivery of services) the Visitors of Summer zone shown to the Visitors of the mandatory safety requirements, hygiene and other requirements, rights, duties and limits of responsibility of the administration of  Summer zone and Visitors, the conditions of tickets sale and provision of additional services, restrictions on visits to the Summer zone, the rules of visiting Summer zone by minors, rules for use of changing and shower facilities, requirements and recommendations for use of bathing suits, rules of behaviour on water objects and rules of use sauna, the rules of visit the public catering area, the procedure for granting aid, as well as order of Visitor actions in emergency situations.

Section 2. General rules for use of the Summer zone


2.1. The right to visit the Summer zone is provided only to persons who have received the bracelet.

2.2. Customers have the right to stay in the summer zone only within the working hours, which are specified at the entry to the summer zone, and in the consumer zone. Visitors are obliged to release the Summer zone after the time of its operation.

2.3. Staying on the Summer area controlled by the Visitor on his own.

2.4. Entry of Visitors to the Summer area ends 30 minutes before the end of its work. The Visitor is obliged to leave the Summer area until its closure.

2.5. Visitors should be respectful to each other and do not interfere with the rest of other Visitors.

2.6. Professional photography and filming for commercial purposes on territory of the Summer Zone are prohibited. Exclusive right to publish photographs, broadcast video taken at the Summer Zone has only the Administration.

2.7. In order to ensure public security and prevent terrorist acts Visitors are required to show security of Summer zone the contents of personal belongings for inspection

2.8. In order to ensure the safety of Visitors it conducts the video surveillance throughout the territory of the Summer Zone (except of changing cabins and toilets).

2.9. In accordance with article 32 of the law of Russian Federation “On protection of consumer rights” and to article 782 of the civil code of Russian Federation the Administration of the Summer zone does not return money for services rendered.

2.10. Visitors must comply with the requirements of staff of the Summer zone in terms of security, maintenance of order and cleanliness.

2.11. In case of impossibility the use of water objects due to the occurrence of force majeure and/or adverse weather conditions creating a risk of harm to life and health of Visitors, redaction price for stay on a Summer area does not carried out.

2.12. In case of unforeseen, extraordinary or emergency situations, including adverse weather conditions, Visitors must immediately leave the Summer area. In this case, a refund for visit the Summer zone does not possible.

2.13. Visitors are prohibited to enter into any technical and service rooms equipped with a sign "Trespassing" or "Staff only". The visitors penetrated into such premises are solely responsible for problems and accidents that have occurred in this area.

2.14. The number of available free sun beds, umbrellas, individual boxes of dressing is limited, so, the Administration does not accept claims about the inconveniences associated with it.

2.15. Any advertising, trade, commercial activity have not agreed with the Administration are prohibited on the territory of the Summer zone.

2.16. The area of the additional paid services can be limited to other Visitors.

2.17. Visitors are prohibited to misuse the furniture located throughout the Summer zone.

2.18. Summer zone ceased operation at 21:00. The Administration has the right to suspend work of the Summer Zone (restrict visitors, organize compulsory for Visitors exit from the territory of the summer zone and so on) due to changes in climatic conditions that prevent the safe use of water bodies.


Section 3. Ban on visit of the Summer zone

3.1. The right to visit Summer zone have persons of all age categories, except for exceptions covered by these Rules.

3.2. Visit the Summer Zone is prohibited:

  • persons suffering from infectious, acute viral, contagious skin and venereal, fungal diseases; with open wounds and other diseases, which can endanger the health of other Visitors;

  • persons suffering from cardio - vascular, mental illness (representing a threat to others ) , with emergency surgical pathology;

  • persons with open , infectious wounds , aseptic bandages, suffering from furunculosis, conjunctivitis, helminth infections;

  • persons in the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases ;

  • persons with a tendency to allergic reactions ;

  • persons in a state of alcoholic intoxication, as well as persons under the influence of narcotic , psychotropic or other intoxicating substances ;

  • persons whose behavior may present a threat to order, security, and hygiene of the Summer zone or contrary to socially accepted rules of behavior;

  • persons with other ailments that pose a danger to personal health and safety and to the health and safety of other Visitors;

  • persons who do not have the bracelet;

  • persons under 17 years old without adult supervision.

Visitors of the Summer zone violated prohibitions pointed in this paragraph shall bear the full responsibility for damage caused to their health, the health of other Visitors and associated material costs.

3.3. In case of suspicion regarding presence the disease referred to in this section, the Administration of the Summer zone is entitled to demand from Visitor or to produce permits a medical certificate to the swimming pool or access the medical personnel to conduct medical monitoring, the results of which Visitor can be allowed or not allowed to use the services of the Summer zone.

3.4. It is forbidden to visit the Summer Zone with animals.


Section 4. The order of payment for services. Passing bracelet, its purpose and using

4.1. Following tariff policy functions on the Summer zone :

  • For children up to 4 years of age  inclusive, and / or growth of up to 120 centimeters inclusive, visit the Summer zone is free,

  • For children aged 5 to 12 years old children's ticket is purchased,

  • Adult ticket is purchased by the persons who at the time of visit the Summer zone is over 13 years old.

4.2. Paid time confirms the right of the Visitor to use the services of a Summer zone for the entire time in accordance with the fare paid. If the visitor who had left a Summer zone, willing to re-enter the territory of the Summer zone, he must purchase a new ticket. In case of early exit from the Summer zone, in case that the Visitor was not used the entire allotted time limit, the money for refunded unused time to the customer is not subject.

4.3. Tickets for the Summer Zone area can be purchased at the box office located at the entrance. The Visitor is obliged to pay for services of the Summer zone at a rate of 100 % according to the current pricelist.

4.4. Visitor attending the Summer Zone at flat rate loses the right to use the services of the Summer Zone when passing the turnstile at the exit. In this case, the money for unused time does not refund to the Visitor and for re- visit the Summer zone he must purchase a ticket in accordance with the current pricelist.

4.5. When purchasing ticket person/Visitor must present a document proving his identity and age at request of the staff.

4.6. Ticket sales may be temporarily suspended due to technical problems and / or adverse weather conditions.

4.7. Due to technical problems, force majeure, during various activities, for other important reasons may be temporarily restricted access on Summer zone to certain services: children's slides, pools, saunas and so on.

4.8. When buying a ticket the cashier issued to Visitors the cash register receipt and the bracelet. Cash register receipt should be kept until the end of the visit the Summer Zone.

4.9. Before receiving the bracelet, the Visitor must fill in the receipt of familiarization and compliance with these regulations and responsibility for children.

4.10. The bracelet is the entry ticket to the territory of the Summer zone.

4.11. After receiving the bracelets, the Visitors should enter through an input terminal by one and present the cash register receipt on a turnstiles.

4.12. To additional paid services on a territory of the Summer Zone related:

  • food in cafes, bars;

  • rental of towels;

  • other types of services approved by the Administration.

4.13. The Visitor is responsible for the safety and integrity of the bracelet, which is worn on the wrist and presented to the employee of Summer zone on demand. Transfer bracelet to other Visitors is prohibited. Bracelet returns to the controller of turnstile at the exit from the Summer zone.

Section 5. General rules of Visitor behavior in a Summer zone

5.1. Prohibitions and restrictions for Visitors of the Summer zone:

5.1.1. Visitors are prohibited from bringing to the Summer Zones the personal rubber rings and other special facilities for swimming , except for special children's jackets.

5.1.2. It is prohibited to bring any glass products, including tableware, other dangerous objects, soaps, shampoos, lotions and other cosmetics to the summer zone. Visitors are prohibited to use glass containers, crockery outside bars and cafes.

5.1.3. It is forbidden to accept food and drink in places place directly on it does not reserved, including pools, saunas, etc.

5.1.4. Throughout the Summer zone is forbidden: - Smoking tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, cigaril, cigarettes, hookahs, etc.), the use of electronic means to smoke, smoking mixtures and smoky substances.

5.1.5. Throughout the Summer zone is prohibited to use of smokeless tobacco products, that is intended for sucking, chewing or snuffing.

5.1.6. Visitors are prohibited to bring into the territory of the Summer zone hookah products.

5.1.7. It is forbidden to bring on the Summer zone more than 1 liter of water per person in sealed plastic containers, food and beverages, expect of children's special food packed in plastic containers.

5.1.8. It is forbidden to bring on the Summer zone fire, gas, pneumatic and cold arms, sharps, explosive or flammable, toxic and smelly substances.

5.1.9. On the territory of the Summer Zone is strictly prohibited any kind of discrimination and disrespect because of differences in nationality, religion , age, social status or other characteristics.

5.1.10. Visitors are restricted to be in the area of scenery, to climb on fences, platforms, terraces, climbing on pipes, handrails, bumpers basins, curbs, railings, etc., to ride on railings and handrails, to climb on metal structures.

5.1.11. Visitors are prohibited to violate generally accepted norms of behavior (morality).

5.1.12. Visitors are prohibited to litter and disturb the sanitary condition of the Summer zone (throw garbage, spit on the floor, throw chewing gum, etc.).

5.1.13. Visitors are prohibited to apply any vandal actions to the equipment, property and plants of the Summer zone.

5.1.14. Visitors are prohibited to use the rides, pools, saunas in a state of alcoholic, narcotic, toxic intoxication or under the influence of psychotropic and other intoxicating substances.

5.1.15. In order to avoid falls and injuries the Visitors are prohibited to run, to shout, to push, to whistle, without the need to call for help, deceiving the other Visitors and staff of the Summer zone;

5.1.16. Pregnant women visit the sauna should be undertaken only after consulting a doctor.

5.1.17. Visitors are prohibited to carry and use mobile phones, products for video audio, video photo - shooting and other objects, details and fragments which when broken can cause harm to visitors in water-entertaining and thermo relaxation areas.

5.1.18. It is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years of age on the Summer zone.

5.1.19. Visitors are forbidden to pour water or other liquids on electrical installations, which located on the Summer zone.

5.1.20. Visitors (accompanying persons) are prohibited to leave children unattended.

5.1.21. It is forbidden to use water objects (water slides, swimming pools), saunas to Visitors with cardiovascular and neuropsychiatric diseases , as well as persons who have medical or other contraindications.

5.1.22. Visitors are prohibited to ignore indications of pools depth, instructions and rules for using other attractions (in case of misunderstanding – for clarification necessary contact the instructors).

5.1.23. Visitors are forbidden to use not working rides and/or swimming pools.

5.1.24. Visitors are prohibited  to use swimming pools, rides, leave their change shoes so that it created obstacles for other Visitors and staff when moving in a Summer zone.

5.1.25. It is forbidden to use the swimming pools to Visitors who do not have the swimming skills.
Administration does not responsible for safety of Visitors violated this Rules. Persons under 18 years old have full responsibility for themselves and for minors coming with them.

5.1.26. Visitors are required to comply with additional prohibitions (limitations) provided in these Regulations.

5.2. Responsibility of Visitors of the Summer zone:

5.2.1. To attend the Summer zone the Visitors should assess their physical ability and swimming skills. Compliance with all rules, guidelines and instructions (pictograms) specific rides and pools prevents from personal injury.

5.2.2. Prior to the conclusion of a service agreement (that is, pay a visit the Summer Zone) the Visitor is obliged to carefully read these Terms and current rates;

5.2.3. Before using a water attraction the Visitor must review the rules of security and order of its using, also the Visitor must independently assess the risk level and possible consequences.  The necessary information about safety rules and order of using attractions the Visitors can get from instructors of the Summer Zone, from these rules, as well as from rules and regulations (pictograms) of specific water attractions.

5.2.4. Visitors who cannot swim must put on special inflatable vests for swimming. Before entering a pool the Visitor must review information board (terms of use) and independently assess risk level and possible consequences.

5.2.5. Visitor is obliged to comply with these rules, the requirements of instructors, rules and regulations (pictograms) specific water rides in the Summer Zone.

5.2.6. Visitors must comply with the Aqua park staff requirements for security, maintain order and cleanliness in the Summer Zone.

5.2.7. Visitors should be respectful to each other and do not interfere with the rest of other Visitors.

5.2.8. In order to ensure public security and prevent terrorist acts Visitors are required to present the Aqua park security a content of personal belongings for inspection.

5.2.9. In the event of theft or damage of Visitor’s property, the Visitor is obliged to inform about this to Summer Zone staff immediately.

5.2.10. In the event of unforeseen, extraordinary or emergency situations Visitors must leave the Summer Zone immediately.

5.2.11. In case of the slightest indispositions or injuries the Visitor is obliged to apply the medical aid station.

5.2.12. Visitor is obliged to keep the receipt for a paid service, deposited funds (the down payment) to the exit of the Summer Zone.

5.2.13. Visitor is obliged to respect the property of the Aqua Park when visit the Aqua Park.

5.2.14. Visitor is obliged to dispose of rubbish only in the special containers provided for this purpose.

5.2.15. When using the services of the Summer Zone the Visitor is obliged to hold on to the hand-rails provided for construction of swimming pools and/or amusement.

5.2.16. When quitting the Summer Zone the Visitor is obliged to hand over an electronic bracelet.

5.2.17. Visitor is obliged to carry an electronic bracelet on a wrist of a hand and to show it to the employee of the Summer Zone according to his requirement.

5.2.18. Visitors are obliged to perform any other duties provided by these Terms.

5.3. The rights of the Summer Zone Visitors:

5.3.1. The Visitors can make free use of chairs and sun loungers located on the territory of the Summer Zone.

5.3.2. If there is any doubt about the use of the Summer Zone Service the Visitors may apply to the responsible workers of the Aqua Park for provision of necessary information

5.3.3. The Visitor has the discretion to terminate the session and leave the Summer Zone. With incomplete use of paid time a refund is not possible.

5.3.4. All Visitors of the Summer Zone are entitled to the provision of pre-hospital care.

5.3.5. The Visitors can use the other rights provided by these Rules.

5.4 Recommendations for Visitors of the Summer Zone:

5.4.1. The Administration recommends to Visitors planning a visit to the Summer Zone to ensure that their health status allows to use the provided services. Responsibility for negative consequences associated with failure to comply with this recommendation lies with the Visitor.

5.4.2. The Visitors are not recommended to bring to the Summer Zone expensive and valuables (jewelry, necklaces, rings, pendants, bracelets, mobile phones, photo and video equipment, etc.) that may be damaged by moisture or may be lost and/or damaged.

5.4.3. Visitors are not recommended to use the services provided in the Summer Zone while wearing any type of jewelry or other jewelry that may cause harm to themselves for Visitors and/or inventory of Summer Zone.

5.4.4. The use of a wave pool and a pool Paradise Land is recommended only for people with good swimming skills.

5.4.5. The Administration recommends to refrain from visiting the Summer Zone: 

  • pregnant women;

  • persons with infants;

  • individuals with increased sensitivity of the skin to chlorinated water and chlorine elements;

  • with recently sustained injuries, undergoing treatment or rehabilitation, that can not tolerate the overload occurring during acceleration;

  • other diseases that can worsen during the use of water rides and pools.

5.4.6. The Administration recommends to refrain from visiting saunas and baths for people with high sensitivity to high temperatures, for high blood pressure, feeling unwell, pregnant women, people suffering from acute infectious diseases and of a nature other diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension, coronary artery disease, as well as having medical contra-indications.

5.4.7. In order to prevent possible poisoning of chlorine-containing reagents, the Administration of the Summer Zone recommends not to drink (do not swallow, not to drink) water from water attractions, including swimming pools.

5.4.8. The Administration recommends the Visitors to have a medical certificate (permit for swimming pool) for its presentation of the Summer Zone personnel in case the need arose.

Section 6. Rights and duties of the Administration of Summer Zone

6.1. The Summer Zone Administration has the right:

6.1.1. does not allow the persons under 18 years of age unaccompanied by adults on the territory of the Summer Zone;

6.1.2. does not let into the Summer Zone of persons whose behavior may violate the order of the Summer Zone, constitute a hazard to other Visitors, hygienic condition of area and/or contrary to accepted social norms of behavior;

6.1.3. does not let into the area of persons who do not agree to abide by these Rules or not understand them;

6.1.4. to deny access to the territory of the Summer Zone the persons covered by the features specified in paragraph 3.2. and p. 3.4. of these Rules;

6.1.5. to remove from the Summer Zone Visitors who violate the Summer Zone rules, do not observe located throughout the Summer Zone warning signs, shown on the signage requirements, do not follow instructions from staff. In this case money is non-refundable to Visitor. stop (to suspend) the operation of any attraction (all attractions), sauna, jacuzzi, or the Summer Zone in the following cases: sanitizing the Summer Zone (according to SanPiN requirements), preventative or maintenance, technical interruptions related to the configuration of the equipment, emergencies beyond the control of the Administration related to security of Visitors, in excess of the norm of finding people in the Summer Zone, in the event of force majeure, which include natural ( floods, earthquakes), technological ( crash equipment, power outage), strike, war, acts of public authorities and management, or other independent of the Administration circumstances making it impossible to provide to Visitors the Summer Zone services;

6.1.7. to stop receiving payments and access of Visitors to the Summer Zone in case of special events, associated with the rental of Summer Zone overall;

6.1.8. in order to ensure safety to conduct a visual inspection of personal belongings;

6.2. Administration of the Summer Zone is obliged to:

6.2.1. to provide complete and accurate information about the order of provision of services and their cost;

6.2.2. in order to ensure the safe staying the Visitors on the water to organize the placement, training and the permanent stay of the personnel of the Summer Zone in the area of location of the Visitors;

6.3.3. to use for provided services only those supplies and equipment that meet safety requirements in accordance with established standards.

6.3.4. to provide services for Visitors of the Summer Zone in compliance with the relevant requirements of the normative acts of the Russian Federation and the provisions of this Regulation.


Section 7. The rules of visiting the Summer Zone by minor persons.

7.1. Children under the age of 17 inclusively have the right to visit the Summer Zone only accompanied by adults who bear the full responsibility for them, who respond for their safety and for the harm that was brought by them. By an adult is meant a capable person older than 18 years.

If there are 1 or 2 children under the age of 11 in the group, the adult may accompany up to 8 children. If there are 3 or more children under the age of 11, the adult may accompany up to 4 children.

7.2. Stay in the Summer Zone of the persons who haven't reached age of 18, without parents (persons, replacing them) or the persons performing actions with participation of minors, including at night (from 23 to 6 o'clock in the morning) isn't allowed.

7.3. Children below 120 cm in height are not allowed on all types of attractions, except for special playground in the entertaining zone and certain children's waterslides.

7.4. Accompanying persons bear the full responsibility for minor persons (children, teenagers) during the visit of the Summer Zone.

7.5. Person who is responsible and/or accompanies for the minors is obliged to provide lifejackets for children in the territory of the Summer Zone, and bears fully responsible for not following with this paragraph of these Terms.

Children under the age of 14 and/or shorter than 140 cm necessarily have to have a swimming jacket in the territory of the Summer Zone including all pools, slides and other water attractions of the Summer Zone.

7.7. When visiting the Summer Zone by a group of the Visitors in part of which is a minor person (or a few of them), the responsibility for their following these Terms of visiting the Summer Zone by minor persons bears the manager of the group, the head of the group.

7.8. Children are forbidden to play in the swimming pools or on the attractions without attendance of an adult person.

Section 8. Terms of using  locker room, showers and toilets

8.1. The Visitor is obliged to pass into the general locker room with changing rooms, to change clothes, to put his things in the container and hand it to the employee of the Summer zone.

8.2. . Passing clothes and shoes in the cloakroom, the Visitor receives a ticket (token) in return.

8.3. To leave in handed to the cloakroom things such as: documents, money, credit cards, phone, PDA, keys, ornaments, jewelry and other personal belongings are prohibited. The Administration does not responsible for the loss of cash, loss and/or damage to any personal belongings of Visitors.

8.4. After visiting the Summer zone the Visitor is obliged to pick up from the cloakroom the clothes and shoes, returning the ticket. The Administration does not bear responsibility in front of the Visitors for the safety, integrity, completeness things after receiving them from the cloakroom. The Administration does not responsible for any items that were not picked up by the Visitors from the cloakroom before the end of the day in the Summer zone.

8.5. In case of loss of ticket (token) cloakroom worker requires evidence of facilities commissioned in the cloakroom of the property in the presence of a security officer and senior administrator. Issuance of the property to the Visitor is carried out after providing by the Visitors identity documents, the receipt of payment for the lost number (token), and drawing up a receipt for obtaining property.

8.6. In the locker room, as well as in the pool  "European" changing rooms are provided . Dressing and undressing outside the designated booths is prohibited.

8.7. It is forbidden to store items and substances prohibited by these Rules in containers.

8.8. Visitors are prohibited to disassemble and unscrew the taps and dispensers; break dispensers for soap, paper towels, toilet paper; to carry out any property when visiting the showers.

Section 9. Requirements and recommendations for the appearance of the Visitors and the use of bathing suits

9.1. Visitors are prohibited to be in the Summer zone topless and/or without underwear.

9.2. When visit the Summer Zone it is strictly forbidden to use the pools and attractions for the Visitors who have decorations, chains, bracelets, watches, rings, earrings, hair clips, and other personal belongings

9.3. To prevent injury on slippery surfaces, and keeping personal hygiene, the Visitors must use for moving through the Aqua Park removable rubber-soled shoes, and for swimming in pools rubber swimming cap. The Visitors are required to hold the handrails, railings when moving on the stairs.

9.4. the Administration does not responsible for left items,  abandoned and lost at the Summer Zone clothes, shoes, papers, mobile phones, cameras, money, jewelry and other belongings of Visitors.

Section 10. Rules of behavior on the water attractions and in pools of the Summer Zone.

10.1. Territory of the pools, slides and other water attractions is considered being the area of increased risk. The Visitors must follow the rules of safety of using the water attractions and pool when visiting the Summer Zone.

10.2. The order of entrance the Visitors to all rides is regulated by the instructors of the Summer Zone.

10.3. The Visitors must follow the requirements of the instructors of rides and pools.

10.4. Visitors are required to observe the safety rules of being on the water;

10.5. Feeling any discomfort or injury, the Visitor should come to the first-aid post.

10.6. Parents and persons accompanying minors must control all of the children’s actions, not violate the rules of using the pools and attractions of the Summer Zone.

10.7. When visiting a pool/attraction the Visitor must carefully review the information board of the given pool/attraction and to assess the risks and possible consequences independently.

10.8. Sliding the waterslides and using the attractions of the Aqua Park may harm the Visitors having piercing on their body. In that case the Visitor who have not removed jewelry and piercings from his body before using attractions is fully responsible for the risks of injuries.

10.9. Adults with growth more than 100 cm using slides for descent in the area for children are prohibited.

10.10. In cases if children violate the rules and ignore the above limitations, the accompanying adults are fully responsible for them.

10.11. Information about the water slides.

10.11.1. Before attractions located information about the technical parameters of attraction, the restrictions in the descent, allowed the safe methods of descent in the form of inscriptions and pictograms, as well as types of dangerous effects. The Visitor is obliged to unconditionally fulfill the requirements of instructors of the Summer Zone.

The Visitor may contact the instructor for additional information.

10.11.2. The list of water slides, their purpose, specifications and types of hazards: Slides located on the Summer Zone:

  • Children's animated slide "Turtle" - is designed to descent - one person without floating equipment. The slide ends with foster pool depth of 0.4 m.

The descent from the hill is prohibited to persons whose mass exceeds 50 kg or less 20 kg, and whose height is less than 100 cm

  • Children's animated slide "Vipera"- is designed to descent - one person without floating equipment. The slide ends with foster pool depth of 0.4 m.

The descent from the hill is prohibited to persons whose mass exceeds 50 kg or less 20 kg, and whose height is less than 100 cm.

  • Children's animated slide "Cobra"- is designed to descent - one person without floating equipment. The slide ends with foster pool depth of 0.4 m.

The descent from the hill is prohibited to persons whose mass exceeds 50 kg or less 20 kg, and whose height is less than 100 cm.

  • Children's entertainment slide “Mini-Slide is designed for descent of one person without floating equipment. The slide ends with foster pool depth of 0.6 m.

The descent from the hill is prohibited to persons whose mass exceeds 50 kg or less 20 kg, and whose height is less than 100 cm

  • Children can use the above-mentioned slides only under adult supervision.

10.12. General rules of descent from the water slides:

10.12.1. Before the start of the descent from the water slides parents or accompanying persons are obliged to carefully examine the terms of use attractions as waterslides has weight restrictions , height, age, state of health , as well as by the method of descent.

10.12.2. While driving on the track descent of waterslides the Visitor (a minor) is necessary to maintain the position originally adopted for the descent and does not violate the prohibitions specified in this Regulation,

10.12.3. To avoid possible injury after the descent from the slides the Visitor (minor person) should immediately leave the foster pool (splashdown zone).

10.13. On all water objects is PROHIBITED:

10.13.1. to use not intended by the design of water object the supporting means for the descent;

10.13.2. to use the  water object if it is prohibited by Staff or warning labels;

10.13.3. to use water object on the Summer Zone at a wind speed of 10 m/sec., also in storm, in rain and in fog. Under these weather conditions, Visitors are required to leave the Summer Zone;

10.13.4. to descent from the water slides for person who cannot/ could swim badly;

10.13.5. to descent from the water slides lying on stomach, head first, standing;

10.13.6. to descent from the water slides by two or more persons at the same time for each other. The descent from a slide can be started only after a slide is freed from the people, and the previous visitor has fully completed its descent;

10.13.7. use slides for descent, when due to technical problems suspended work of slides for descent;

10.13.8. to use the slides to descend to persons with plastered or bandaged limbs.

10.14. Summer Zone instructor independently assess the situation on the water objects and has the right to stop using of a water objects for reasons of safety of its operation and prevention possible injury of Visitor.

10.15. Information on swimming pools:

10.15.1 Information about purpose, technical parameters, warnings and requirements, types of hazards posted on the informational boards around the pools. Pools are controlled by instructors of the Summer Zone; the Visitor is obliged to follow their instructions. The Visitor may contact the instructor for more information.

10.15.2. The list of pools with their technical characteristics:

Name of pool

Depth, m

Square, m2

Volume, m3

Pool “European”




Cascade of pools including a children's pool

1,8; 1,4; 1,2; 0,5



Cascade of pools has several zones with different depth: area children's ride "Mushroom" -right by the hotel part of the pool (depth 0.50 m), bar area (depth - 1,20 m), mini- café area – central part of the pool  (depth - 1,40 m), left part of the pool (depth – 1,80 m).

10.16. In the pools of the Summer zone is PROHIBITED:

10.16.1. to linger, to cling to the bridges, to jump over the fence;

10.16.2. in the children's pools to climb on decorative pieces, to shake them.

10.16.3 for children with height under 1 m 60 cm to swim in the pools without adult’s attendance and without swimming vests,

10.16.4. to use helping objects for swimming (circles, rafts, boards, etc.), except for children's swimming vests,

10.16.5. to use any cleaning products, ointments, lotions etc. Before visiting waterslides and pools the Visitor must take a shower;

10.16.6. to clog the water of the pools, to throw foreign objects in the pools, to plug special sprayers and nozzles, to jump on fences of drain holes and trenches;

10.16.7. to run, jump on adjacent platforms, to do sharp movements, to push other Visitors, to climb on barriers, bridges and decorative figures;

10.16.8. to jump and dive into the water from the edges, to hold each other under water, to hold the breath under water, to shout, use acrobatic jumps;

10.16.9. to climb, to walk and to run on the side of the pool and fencing;

10.16.10. to entry to the pools or to leave them in non-designated places.

10.17. Visitors are required to meet the requirements and commands of the Summer Zone instructors and respond to their signals and warnings.

Section 11. Rules of visiting sauna

11.1. Visiting sauna, bath and fonts for people with cardiovascular disease including those with pacemakers, as well as other persons mentioned in p. 3.2. of these Regulations, it is prohibited.

11.2. Minor Visitors under the age of 17 years old inclusive must be in the saunas and baths accompanied by adult Visitors.

11.3. . Visiting saunas and baths for persons in condition of alcoholic, narcotic, psychotropic intoxication, and persons under the influence of other intoxicating substances is prohibited.

11.4. Visitors are not permitted to consume alcoholic and soft drinks when visiting saunas and baths.

11.5. Entrance to the sauna and bath is carried out strictly in bathing suits.

11.6. Visitors are required to use individual towels when being in the sauna.

 11.7. It is strictly forbidden to pour water and other substances to the sauna heater. It is forbidden to bring into the sauna spray liquid, food and drinks.

11.8. Visitors are forbidden to use bath brooms.

11.9. Not permitted to use the sauna for personal hygiene (shave, wash personal items, etc.). Not allowed to use a bath and a sauna for drying towels and personal items.

11.10. Visitors are forbidden to leave towels and clothing in the baths and saunas.

11.11. Visitors are not allowed to touch the metal parts of the equipment installed in the saunas. 

11.12. Visitors are not allowed to adjust the devices located in the saunas.

11.13. Visitors are not allowed to put on the body cream, oils, scrubs and other cosmetic and therapeutic agents and use variety of tinctures and extracts on the saunas;

11.14. After visit the sauna and before visit the water- entertainment area Visitors are required to take a shower.

11.15. Technical specifications of sauna:

    Sauna - the heater power is 25 KW, designed for 20 seats, the area of the sauna - 16.21 sq. m., temperature is 80 degrees, the number of saunas – two.

11.16. The rules of visiting saunas are indicated, including on the stand in front of the sauna.

Section 12. Rules of visiting the public catering area

12.1. On the territory of catering areas is prohibited: 

  • to smoke;

  • to litter and disrupt the sanitary condition in the food catering area (to throw away the leftover food and dishes out of boxes, to spit on the floor, throw chewing gum); 

  • to climb with feet on tables, chairs, bar counters;

  • to apply vandal actions to the equipment, throwing food, utensils;

  • to bring food, drinks, except of children's special food;

  • to violate accepted standards of behavior in public places, to be rude to the staff and Visitors, to raise voice to staff and Visitors, to humiliate and to insult them, to divert staff with extraneous conversations.

12.2. Service may be denied to a person whose behavior may present a threat to order, security of staff and visitors, the hygienic condition of the Aqua Park and/or contrary to socially accepted rules of behavior and morality;

12.3Since the Summer Zone is a high-risk area, Visitors are required to monitor the amount of consumed alcoholic beverages by them, to adequately assess their physical condition, understand the risks of being in alcoholic condition by the water and listen to the comments of the bar staff about the amount of consumed alcohol by them.

12.4. The provision of catering services is available for cash (cash / cashless payments).

12.5. Visitors are responsible for broken or damaged not for their own fault dishes in the amount of its value.

Section13. Procedure for provision of medical assistance to Visitors

13.1 All Visitors of the Summer Zone are entitled to provide first medical aid.

13.2. In case of sickness or injury, the Visitor must contact the clinic located next to the entrance to the Summer Zone by side of entertainment complex “Riviera”.

13.3.  Visitor can contact the clinic on their own or with the assistance of the Summer Zone staff.

13.4. When contacting the clinic, the Visitor is obliged to inform a medical staff the details (name, year of birth, address), as well as the time and place of injury or the occurrence of illness. This information is logged in a medical journal with the purpose of statistical accounting.

13.5. The medical staff of the Summer Zone does not issue certificates, sick leaves, official opinions, statements.

13.6. The medical staff of the Aqua Park provides first aid and reserves the right to call an ambulance, if necessary.

13.7. In case of refusal recommendation of medical staff, as well as the refusal to render first aid, if need be affected, the medical staff responsibility for the victim does not responsible.

Section14. Responsibility for violation of the Rules

14.1. In case of loss or damage a property of the Summer Zone caused by the Visitor, he is obliged to compensate the damage caused and also be responsible for other violations committed by him in accordance with applicable Russian legislation.

14.2. For the damage caused to the Summer Zone and located in its property, property and/or health Visitors, the Visitor is responsible in accordance with Russian legislation. For damage caused by minors and persons with disabilities, are responsible their parents or guardians.

14.3. Parents, guardians or other accompanying minors the adults are responsible for reviewing arrived with them together minors with rules of the Summer Zone and the observance of these Rules.

14.4. Summer Zone Administration does not bear responsibility for minor visitors aged till 17 years inclusive who were left without attendance of an adult person. The Summer Zone Administration does not bear responsibility for the state of health and possible injuries of a minor person (child, teenager) if the minor person (child, teenager) was left without attendance of an adult or if the minor person defied these Terms or violated rules of visit of a Summer Zone, including the instructions of using water attractions and/or pools.

14.5. The Visitor is obliged to pay a penalty of 1500 rubles for smoking in the places which are not meant for this purpose.

14.6. The Visitor pays a penalty of 100 rubles for losing or damaging a number (badge) from the wardrobe.

14.7. The Visitor suffering of pecuniary and / or non-pecuniary damage is obliged to inform the Summer Zone employee stating the time, place, circumstances of incident and the persons who were witnesses of the incident.

14.8. Summer Zone Administration does not responsible for the safety of personal belongings or jewelry, other valuables of the Visitors left unattended in the Summer Zone, or because they were lost and/or partially damaged by a Visitor.

14.9. Summer Zone Administration does not bear responsibility for the consequences concerning health and property of the Visitors (an injury, damage, other harm) or the damage caused to involved third persons. Also the Summer Zone does not accept and does not review the complaints if such consequences resulted from non-compliance or not following the requirements and the recommendations fixed in these Terms, information specified on precautionary signs and texts, and not following lawful instructions of the personnel of the Summer Zone.

14.10. Summer Zone Staff is authorized to take action against the Visitors in a state of alcohol or narcotic intoxication, in mentally unstable condition, as well as against the Visitors who do not respond to the comments of staff and do not comply with this Regulation.

14.11. The Visitor agrees to comply with the Rules and bears full responsibility for his violation in accordance with these Rules and applicable laws of Russian Federation. Failure to comply with the Rules of visiting the Summer Zone is ground to removal of the Visitor from the Summer Zone without any monetary compensation.

14.12. For non-performance or improper performance of obligations on rendering services the Summer Zone Administration is responsible under legislation of Russian Federation.

14.13. Claims related to the shortcomings of the service rendered, may be brought by the Visitor in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. The order and terms of consideration of Visitors claims are governed by laws of Russian Federation.

14.14The Visitors who have entered any technical and service rooms bear the full responsibility for malfunctions and accidents that took place in that area or are a result of their actions above technical engineering equipment of the Summer Zone.

14.15. The Visitors are required to pay a fine of 500 rubles for losing or damaging the towels.

Section15. Procedure actions of Visitor in emergency situations

15.1. In case of emergency situations – natural disasters, manmade disasters, fire, etc., Visitors should not panic.

15.2. Visitors are required to strictly follow the staff command.

15.3. After the staff command or alarm signal transmitted in the paging system, Visitors must vacate, leave the rides and swimming pools, facilities of changing rooms, bars, restaurants, toilets and so on, and go out to the open areas, to leave the Summer Zone using the emergency exits, fire escapes and transitions.

15.4. Emergency exits at the Summer Zone:

1st emergency exit - checkpoint of the Summer zone from the entertainment complex "Riviera" near the Zoo;

2nd emergency exit – passage between the Zoo and cascade of pools (including kids pool), then in the direction of parking and entertainment complex "Riviera";


3rd emergency exit – from the territory of the cascade of pools (including kids pool) to the side of hotel, then on a pavement through an iron gate to the parking and entertainment complex "Riviera".

15.5. Evacuation diagrams posted on the territory of the Summer Zone.

15.6. Leaving the Summer Zone, the Visitors should keep calm, keep the ticket, do not run, do not create crowding in the aisles and stairways, hold on to the handrails, do not climb over the fence and lean on them, to avoid moving on places located on top.

15.7. Adult visitors must ensure the safe evacuation of children.

15.8. Gathering places for evacuated Visitors located:

    car parking of TC «Lerua Merlen».

Section 16. Final provisions

18.1. These Regulations are available at the cash office, information desk ("Consumer zone ") and other locations throughout the Summer zone.

In case of violation the Rules of access Visitor to the outdoor area of the Aqua Park and forced his removal from the area of the Aqua Park, money does not refunded. MUST BE REMEMBERED that the ability to swim is not a guarantee of safety on water!

Open water is always a risk!