SPA zone of "Riviera" aquapark

SPA-зона - Финские сауны


Sauna is the favorite place for steam bath fans and those who like to prime their body and soul. Get ready for hot sauna and steam bath and choose whichever one you like or relax in both of them in turn. When your body gets hot enough and you want something in contrast try special tubs with cold water.  All you need to do is pull the chain and enjoy endless pleasure.


Bath is a wonderful treat for many illnesses. Hot humid air does not only widen pores preparing your body for massage but also nicely affects your nervous system. Having relaxed in a hot bath and having plunged in a cold pool afterwards one feels like having been reborn.

Swimming pools and Jacuzzi

It is a place where one can relax and have some rest while deliberately talking to his friends or sharing secrets with the loved ones. And you will be treated to classic and exotic cocktails and drinks at the “Aqua - Bar”.

Tub with cold water

Cold water tub is the best thing after sauna or bath. Temperature contrast creates positive stress favorably affecting nervous system and strengthening immunity.