Slides - Canyon


That’s the real lake. Finding yourself in water you just need to slightly turn on your imagination to hear the murmur of a mountain river, the sound of a waterfall, the singing of exotic birds and will see the hidden pirate’s gold in the grotto…

Slides - Tornado


«Tornado» slide which is almost 52 meters long – is the real hurricane! Tornado swirl will swing you, splashing you with water and taking you away at the high speed. If you are not quite confident, do not take a risk as there are less tricky attractions!

Slides - “Niagara” yellow slide

“Niagara” yellow slide

while sitting in a bright yellow tube. Moreover, your travel is going to be as long as 211 meters!

Slides - “Anaconda” green slide

“Anaconda” green slide

Long and winding way as huge snake’s body – 108 meters. And not less extreme! Take three friends to conquer the way as it is not that frightful together.

Slides - “Bermuda slope” blue slide

“Bermuda downslide” blue slide

Way down takes over 113 meters and it should be covered alone. Only he who is not afraid of either speed or springboards will have courage to do that. It might be that you are the one.

Slides - “A leap in abyss” vat

«Jump into abyss» barrel

Do you like the depth? Do you like to dive and jump into the water? Then this attraction is for you. Plunge into the blue world of the ocean. Moreover, you will get a nice surprise – you can dive in complete diving outfit. The depth of a barrel is 2,5 meters.

Slides - “Kamikaze” red slide

“Kamikaze” red slide

The name speaks for itself – that’s the most speedy slide of the aquapark and it’s for the brave ones! To slide alone without a boat at the speed of 80 km/hour – only kamikaze is capable of such an extreme! Are you ready to try it?

Slides - “Dead loop” orange slide

“Killer loop” orange slide

Another extreme slide for a solitary downslide without a boat. You will experience a “killer loop” at a high speed. Do not forget to look at the stopwatch at the end of your journey – it might be that you brake a world record of length of screaming! The length of the tube is 83,2 meters.

Slides - “Black hole” black slide

“Black hole” black slide

Black hole frightens and attracts at the same time. You are sliding down into the absolute darkness right into the unknown, you get the shivers and your heart is beating rapidly! But what a pleasure it is to see the light at the end of the tunnel! The length of the tube is 110 meters.

Slides - Children slides

Children slides

Amusing and safe slides for children. Kids can enjoy themselves, master swimming skills and play with each other under the supervision of parents and animators.