Kazan Riviera aquapark pools

 Wave swimming pool

Summer, sun and beach are here for you all year round. You can relax, swim, lay in hammock or have fun with your friends. It’s the real summer vacation at the sea. By the way, the sea gets stormy sometimes. Here you get half a meter high waves every 25 minutes!;

«Amazon» slow river

Having received a fair share of adrenaline on the steep slides one can relax. For example, by taking an exciting voyage along the Amazon river. You can communicate with your friends without a hurry or simply enjoy purling of water while travelling alongside mysterious grottos and caves into the world of dreams and fantasies.


Swimming pool with aquabar

You are pleasantly tired after swimming and sliding and it is high time to relax in Aqua-bar. Here you can try various soft and alcoholic drinks and cocktails. But the main thing is that the bar is located in the pool and you can enjoy your favorite drinks without leaving the water.

Year-round outdoor swimming pool

Year-round outdoor swimming pool. The temperature in the pool is heated to 28 C° so you can take water and sun baths any time of the year. It’s fresh and nice in the summer and really exotic in the winter here.

Summer swimming pools

In the summer time you always want to be outdoors enjoying every sunny moment. Then our outdoor swimming pool cascades are for you. You can easily make your way here swimming directly from the Aquapark. Having sunbathed to your liking you can go back to slides.