Extreme fun at a water park.

Экстремальные аттракционы - Аттракцион для серфинга «Flow Rider»

«Flow Rider» surfing attraction

Unique “Flow Rider” attraction imitating ocean waves is a real catch for the surfers and those who are still only dreaming about steep turns on the surf. Flat water stream that is rushing downwards from the top of the slope surface gives you full impression of gigantic wave. Balance on the surf, learn new tricks, make the unbelievable moves and be ready for the surfing season!

Экстремальные аттракционы - Аттракцион «Прыжок в бездну»

«Jump into abyss» attraction

Do you lack thrills? Shake yourself up! Take a breathtaking jump into the ocean abyss. It’s all about the water splashes, adrenaline explosion and unforgettable impressions! Diving fans can dive into the water in full diving outfit.