RULES of using attraction




Type of arrtaction: Family

Age restrictions: from  1 year.


of using attraction

Before visiting the attraction "Ferris wheel" Around the World" Visitor must be familiar with the rules.

The Visitors are obliged to observe the following rules to avoid injury:

1. It necessary to follow the instructions of Operator and to take only those cabins/seats to which it points.

2. Embarkation and disembarkation of Visitors produced during the rotation of «Ferris Wheel». One session (cycle time) - it is one turn of the Ferris wheel. Entrance (exit) into the cabin, the Visitor must be carried out only by the Operator.

3. When the cabin at the landing platform, the Operator opens the cab door against the stop and helps to get into the cabin. Visitors must stay on the seat of the cab and do not get up during a session before opening the cab door by the Operator.

4. The number of Visitors in the cabin must not exceed 6. The cabins are loaded evenly.

5. Children under 14 years old can stay in the cabin with adults only.

6. Children under 5 years old should be put on knees of parents.

7. After filling the cab, the Operator closes the cabin door manually.

8. Upon arrival on the landing platform after a full rotation of the Ferris wheel, the Operator opens the cab door against the stop and asks the Visitors to leave the cabin.

9. If it is impossible for the Visitor to enter into the cabin during the motion the Ferris wheel, the Operator stops the rotation of the Ferris wheel.

10. Before buying a ticket to the attraction the Visitor to determine the safety degree of riding in the attraction for yourself and minors with him.

11. It does not recommend visiting the attraction to persons suffering from neuropsychiatric disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the spine, and disorders of the vestibular apparatus, frequent dizziness, the vertigo, dizziness and post-operative period. It is recommended to consult with doctor about the possibility of visiting the attraction to all Visitors regardless of age.

12. After landing in the cabin during operation of the attraction and closing the door, the service is considered provided. In accordance with article 32 of the RF Law "On Protection of consumer rights" and to article 782 of the RF Civil code for services provided will not be refunded.

13. The Visitor is obliged to observe the generally accepted norms and rules of behavior.

14. The Visitor accompanying the child, being with child or outside the fence of the attraction, is obliged to monitor his behavior and implementation the rules of using attraction.

15. Visitors are served by ticket only (to transfer money to the Operators is STRICTLY PROHIBITED).


1. Bring alcoholic beverages, psychotropic substances, food, non-alcoholic beverages (except for plastic packing), flammable and combustible liquids to the cabin.

2. Jump and swing the cabin, to scream, and to lean on the cabin wall.

3. Bring pets to the cabin.

4. Use attraction to persons in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

5. Attempt to open the car door independently.

6. Smoke tobacco, electronic cigarettes and hookah, drink alcoholic beverages.

7. Go beyond the landing platform, touch remote control of Ferris wheel, communication and design the Ferris wheel.

8. Bring to cabins cold and traumatic weapons, as well as cans with any kind of compressed gas in them.

9. Take hand luggage, sharp, long and bulky items (bags, canes, umbrellas, etc.) with youself. Small items should be removed to a safe place.

10. Enter and exit the gates of the attraction unauthorized.

11. Distract the Operator with extraneous conversations.

12. Litter.

13. Put the hands and feet outside the cabin, as well as any objects and intentionally abandon it. Freely hanging scarves and long hair may constitute a danger.

14. Jump on the attraction or jump off the attraction while cabin does not come to the platform.

15. Visitors who cannot safely stay on the attraction due to physiological peculiarities are not allowed to attraction.

16. Give money to the Operators.


for violation of the Rules

1. For damage caused to attraction, and its assets, property and/or health of Visitors, the Visitor shall be liable in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation. Parents or guardians carry responsibility for damage caused by minors and persons with disabilities.

2. Parents, guardians or other adult persons accompanying minors are responsible for reviewing with the Rules of visit the attraction arrived with them minors and compliance with the rules of this Regulation.

3. For smoking the cigarettes, hookah and drinking alcohol in the cabin, the Visitor is obliged to pay a fine in amount of 1500 rubles.

4. The Visitor, suffering pecuniary and/or non-pecuniary damage must report about it to the staff of attraction specifying the location, time and circumstances of the accident and persons who witnessed the incident.

5. Administration does not responsible for the safety of personal belongings and other valuables of the Visitors left unattended on its territory, or if it were lost and/or partially spoiled by the Visitor.

6. The Administration does not responsible for consequences caused to health and property of Visitors (injuries, damage, other damage) or applied in respect of third party damage, if such consequences have arisen as a result of non-compliance the Visitors with the requirements and recommendations set out in these Rules, the information specified in the warning signs and inscriptions, as well as failure to lawful directions of Attraction’s staff.

7. The staff of the Attraction is authorised to take measures for the removal of visit the Attraction, to the Visitors in the state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, as well as against the Visitors who do not respond to the comments of the staff and do not comply with this Regulation.

8. The Visitor agrees to comply with the Rules and bears full responsibility for their violation in accordance with these Rules and the applicable laws of the Russian Federation. Irregularity of visit the Attraction is the basis for removal the Visitor from the Attraction without any money compensation.

9. For non-performance or improper performance of an obligation of provided services, the Administration bears responsibility provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

10. Claims related to the defects of rendered service may be charged by the Visitor in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. The order and terms of consideration the claims of the Visitors are governed by the laws of the Russian Federation.